On 7 March 2017 in ‘The Sobański Palace’ in Warsaw, took place the meeting of the advisory board of the second edition InsurTech Digital Congress. Under the chairmanship of Witold Jaworski, CEO, NIO / CEO Allianz Poland 2013-2015, attendees implemented a frame of program for the upcoming edition of Event, which will be held May 24-25 this year.

During the meeting were present, among Marta Kaleńska-Jaśkiewicz, President of the Management Board, Victor, Rafał Hiszpański, CEO,D.A.S. Legal Expanses, Andrea Simoncelli, CEO, Generali Insurance Poland, Adam Tychmanowicz, CEO, Yanosik (Neptis S.A.), Andrzej Wasilewski, CEO, Superpolisa.pl, Leszek Hajkowski, CEO, Hollo, Andrew Hope, Vice President of the Management Board, Salesbook, Małgorzata Ślepowrońska, Vice President of the Management Board, Ubezpieczeniowy Fundusz Gwarancyjny, Wojciech Kamiński, CEO, Kundi.

We will inform you about specific subject areas and topics soon.

We would like to kindly invite you to see photos from the meeting of the Advisory Board of InsurTech Digital Congress.